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About Us

Bed Bug SOS is a Canadian based bed bug product retailer offering prevention, detection, intervention and monitoring tools for those who need protection. Our goal is to provide every customer with the best possible service during a time of crisis. Over the past years, reported cases of bed bugs in North America have increased significantly and the need to control their population is essential to our national well-being. Whether you're already infested or have a fear of infestation, we have the solution for every stage of the elimination process. Bed Bug SOS offers an integrated pest management approach in order to eradicate bed bug infestations and minimize risks to your health. In addition, we know that proper management will reduce mental distress, prevent expensive extermination treatments and restore comfort in your home.  

Mission: Bed Bug SOS offers solutions to Canadian Citizens to prevent, detect, intervene and monitor bed bugs in orders to reduce damage to property, protect real estate value and prevent physical harm and/or mental distress associated with bed bugs. 

Vision: We seek to raise awareness and educate Canadian citizens about bed bugs to control and reduce their population. We hope that one day bed bugs can be a thing of the past. 

Values: Customer service is at the forefront of our values. Bed bugs are becoming a serious problem and every customer needs to be properly informed and cared for. We treat every case like our own.

For now, Bed Bug SOS is committed to serve Canadian citizens only. We have comprehensive guidelines and the best products the market has to offer. In addition, our experts will offer free and neutral advice by e-mail or phone. 

About the founder - Sebastien Taché

While attending business school at HEC Montreal, I fell victim to bed bugs in my apartment. At first I had no idea what was biting me until the janitor asked me if I saw signs of bed bugs and like you, I quickly opened up my laptop and googled everything there is to know about bed bugs. This was my first encounter with these pesky critters. 

Because I was renting, the landlord had the exterminators come and spray the entire apartment. The preparation was laborious and inconvenienced my living conditions not to mention that my apartment (especially my bed) was coated by a chemical spray that supposedly attacked the nervous system of bed bugs. I could only image myself breathing the residue of these chemicals while I lay on my couch or bed. My apartment felt cold and hostile. 

Two months later they're back! It felt like my world turned upside down all over again. I needed to find a solution to control the bed bugs and I needed to find a way to avoid carrying bed bug to my parents place and my girlfriends cottage. I also wanted to find a way to sleep without worrying about being bitten at night. Problem was that I couldn't find any store that would sell personal protection solutions against bed bugs. We needed a one stop shop for everything bed bugs. 

That's when I came up with A place where bed bug victims in Canada could find products to protect themselves. I learnt that bed bugs cannot be completely treated by exterminators, no exterminator can guarantee full bed bug extermination. As a resident of the apartment (or any home for that matter) I needed to do my share to prevent the return of bed bugs. So I completely bed bug proofed my apartment and lived bed bug free for 6 months.  

I wanted to offer Canadians a safe place to shop for bed bug products without having to wait to clear customs or pay unnecessary taxes. We use a 128bit SSL Certificate for secure shopping and offer same day expedited shipping if your order is placed before 5PM EST (industry standard is 4PM).

So here it is, we hope that all Canadians will to their share of protection to reduce the national bed bug population and live in bed bug free world like we once did. 

If you have any questions whatsoever regarding myself and, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our priority is to serve you better.

Warm regards, 

Sebastien Taché